Nuns - What are you on ?

Years ago when I started travelling, a mate and I decided to invent a travelling game. The game was a bit of harmless fun, designed to make me and my travelling companions look and take notice of the scenery as it rattled past.

The game was Nunspotting and I've played it on every trip.

The rules are simple. The scores are reset to zero on entry to a country (allowing for Nun spotting tournaments as you cross a continent). You score a point for each nun you see. You can only spot any individual nun once.

The first person to point at the nun and say, "I win!", scores the point. Obviously, the most points wins. Discretion is a good idea.

Tip: Do not play this game in Rome or anywhere within the confines of Vatican City. It gets a bit tiring.

For those of you who may be sceptical regarding the universal existence of nuns, I can assure you otherwise. Nuns are everywhere, and often in the strangest of places. Keep your eyes peeled.

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