Q) What are the 25 countries ?

A) Holland, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Italy, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, China, Japan, Belgium, Vatican City, Spain, Portugal and Finland.

Q) You don't mention a couple countries (France, Ireland, etc...) in your logs. Are you making them up ?

A) Not at all. I lived in Ireland for six months (August 1998 -> March 1999). True, it isn't travel, but it's another country on the list!

I live about 30 miles away from a ferry port that goes to France (Roscoff), so I've never really considered going to France as travelling much.... it takes longer for me to get to Scotland than it takes to get to France...

Q) Come on. Vatican City, you're making it up ?

A) No I'm not! It *is* a country. There is an official list of countries. You can find it by following this link!

Q) So, which countries do you plan to get to next ?

A) Follow this link and you'll see!

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