About the author
  • He's 30, vertically challenged and a bit strange.
  • That's it.
What do you want to know today ?
  • 1) If you'd like my CV, so that your job agency can spam me with lots of pointless e-mails about ethereal I.T. job vacancies, click here...
  • 2) If you'd like to know about why an idiot like me wants to make a website that includes nuns, click here.
  • 3) If you're an avian sort of person and want to know about Osmo, my strange little Indian Ringneck parrot, click here.
  • 4) If you would like to know about the strange book I've been writing for the last god knows how many months, tough - I'm not going to tell you about it. :-)
  • 5) If you'd like to know why I'm blowing my own trumpet, click here.
  • 6) If you'd like to know all the technical gubbins behind this website, click here.
  • 7) If you'd like to know why I'm such a staunch defender of Cornwall, my home area, click here. *Coming Soon*
  • 8) Alternatively, if you've lost the will to live after being overloaded with useless information, click here.
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